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Are you still working through your newsfeed of SEO material on
the 101 ways to get out of panda 4.0 written by people that
have never actually practiced SEO on their own sites? Aaron and
I had concluded that what was rolling through was panda
it was announced that it was panda, but I’m not going to
walk here on my treadmill and knock out yet another post on the
things you should be doing if you were gut punched by that
negative a priori algorithm (hat tip to Terry, another
fine SEObook member, for pointing out to me those public
discussions that showed the philosophical evolutionary shift
towards the default assumption that sites likely deserve to be
punished). I’d say 90% of those posts are thinly veiled sales
pitches; I should know since
I sell infographics to support my nachos habit. Speaking of
infographics, there’s already a great one that covers recovery
strategies that still work right

Should I write about penguin? Analysis of that beast consumed
the better part of 2 year years of my waking time. Nope. Again,
I think it has already been adequately covered
in a previous blog post. There’s nothing particularly new to
report there either since the next update may be completely
different, might be just another refresh that doesn’t take into
account those slapped in the 1.0 incarnation of the update, or
may actually be the penguin everyone hopes it is, taking into
account the countless hours agencies have spent disavowing
links and spamming me with fake legal threads should I not
remove links they themselves placed. I wouldn’t hold your
breathe on that last one. Outside of crowdsourcing pain for
future manual penalties, I don’t expect much relief on that

Instead, I think I’m going to talk about popsicles. That seems
like the kind of tripe that a SEO blog might discuss. I bet I
can make it work though. I’m a fat dude in the Phoenix area and
we already had our first 100F day, so I’m thinking of frozen
treats. Strap in.

Search tactics and I’d even go so far as to say even certain
strategies are like popsicles. When they are brand new they are
cool and refreshing, but once exposed to the public heat they
fade…fast. Really fast. Like a goop of sticky mess, which users
of ALN and BMR can probably tell you.

Bear with me.

If you have a tactic that works, why would you expose it to the
public? Nothing good can come of that. Sure, you have a tactic
that works 100% but since I’m a loyal subscriber you’re willing
to share it with me for $297. Seems legit. I’m not saying all
services/products pitched this way are inherently ‘bad’, I’m
just saying you aren’t going to get a magic bullet, yet alone
one hand-wrapped and delivered by filling out a single wufoo
form…sans report.

Would you share with a really close friend? I suppose, but even
still the popsicle isn’t going to last as long since it is now
being consumed at an accelerated rate. There’s the thought of
germs, contamination, and other nasty thoughts that’d prevent
me from going down that route. Cue the “Two SEOs, one popsicle”
reaction videos. No. There are two ways to make the best use
out of that popsicle.

Practionioner: eat it quietly, savor it,
make it last.

Strategist w/ resources: figure out the
recipe and mass produce it as quickly as possible, knowing
that after enough public heat is on, the popsicles will start
melting before they can be eaten, and no one likely that
weird, warm orange sticky stuff that tastes like a glucose
intolerance test.

There’s another caveat to the two above scenarios. Even if
you’re a strategist with deep resources, unless you’re willing
to test on your own sites, you’re just effectively selling
smoke on an unproven tactic.

So there you have it, tactics are like popsicles. Disappointed?
Good. I’ve been doing SEO since 1997, so here’s a secret: try
to create engaging content, supported by authoritative off-page
signals. There’s an ebb and flow to this of course, but it can
be translated across the full black/white spectrum. Markov
content in a free wordpress theme can be engaging when it is
cloaked with actionable imagery, with certain % of back-buttons
disabled, or when you make the advertising more compelling than
the content (just ask eHow).
Similarly, well-researched interactive infographics can engage
the user on the other side of the spectrum…just more expensive.
Comment spam and parasitic hosting on “authority” sites can tap
into those authority signals on dark side, as can a thorough
native campaign across a bunch of relevant sites backed by a PR
campaign, TV commercials, and radio spots for the light side.
Budget and objectives are the only difference.

Go enjoy a popsicle everyone. Summer is here; I expect a lot
more heat from Google, so you might need one.  

Eric Schmidt Drawing.

About the author: Joe Sinkwitz is the Chief
Revenue Officer at CopyPress. He {Tweets / posts / comments /
shares his thoughts} on navigating the evolving SEO landscape
on Twitter here.

Have an incredible day!


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Why Your Business Needs To Blog..
Happy Memorial day to you

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The Side Effect Of Link Removal

Getting links removed is a tedious business.

It’s just as tedious for the site owner who must remove the
links. Google’s annoying practice of “suggesting” webmasters
jump through hoops in order to physically remove links that the
webmaster suspects are bad, rather than Google simply ignoring
the links that they’ve internally flagged, is causing

Is it a punitive punishment? If so, it’s doing nothing to
endear Google to webmasters. Is it a smokescreen? i.e. they
don’t know which links are bad, but by having webmasters
declare them, this helps Google build up a more comprehensive
database? Bit of both? It might also be adding costs to SEO in
order to put SEO out of reach of small companies. Perhaps it’s
a red herring to make people think links are more important
than they actually are.

Hard to be sure.

Collateral Damage

SEOs are accustomed to search engines being coy, punitive and
oblique. SEOs accept it as part of the game. However, it
becomes rather interesting when webmasters who are not
connected to SEO get caught up in the
collateral damage:

I received an interesting email the other day from a company
we linked to from one of our websites. In short, the email
was a request to remove links from our site to their site. We
linked to this company on our own accord, with no prior
solicitation, because we felt it would be useful to our site
visitors, which is generally why people link to things on the

And check out the subsequent
discussion on Hacker News. Matt Cutts first post is
somewhat disingenuous:

Situation #1 is by far the most common. If a site gets dinged
for linkspam and works to clean up their links, a lot of them
send out a bunch of link removal requests on their own

Webmasters who receive the notification are encouraged by
Google to clean up their backlinks, because if they don’t, then
their rankings suffer.

But, essentially from our point of view when it comes to
unnatural links to your website we want to see that you’ve
taken significant steps to actually remove it from the web

but if there are some links that you can’t remove yourself or
there are some that require payment to be removed then having
those in the disavow file is fine as well.

(Emphasis mine)

So, of course webmasters who have received a notification from
Google are going to contact websites to get links removed.
Google have stated they want to see that the webmaster has gone
to considerable effort to remove them, rather than simply use
the disavow tool.

The inevitable result is that a webmaster who links to anyone
who has received a bad links notification may receive the
latest form of email spam known as the “please remove my link”
email. For some webmasters, this email has become more common
that the “someone has left you millions in a Nigerian bank
account” gambit, and is just as persistent and annoying.

From The Webmasters Perspective

Webmasters could justifiably add the phrase “please remove my
link” and the word “disavow” to their spam filters.

Let’s assume this webmaster isn’t a bad neighbourhood and is
simply caught in the cross-fire. The SEO assumes, perhaps
incorrectly, the link is bad and requests a take-down. From the
webmasters perspective, they incur a time cost dealing with the
link removal requests. A lone request might take a few minutes
to physically remove – but hang on a minute – how does the
webmaster know this request is
coming from the site owner and not from some dishonest
competitor? Ownership takes time to verify. And why would
the webmaster want to take down this link, anyway? Presumably,
they put it up because they deemed it useful to their audience.
Or, perhaps some bot put the link there – perhaps as a forum or
blog comment link – against the webmasters wishes – and now, to
add insult to injury, the SEO wants the webmaster to spend his
time taking it down!

Even so, this might be okay if it’s only one link. It doesn’t
take long to remove. But, for webmasters who own large sites,
it quickly becomes a chore. For large sites with thousands of
outbound links built up over years,
removal requests can pile up. That’s when the spam filter
kicks in.

Then come the veiled threats. “Thanks for linking to us. This
is no reflection on you, but if you don’t remove my link I’ll
be forced to disavow you and your site will look bad in Google.
I don’t want to do this, but I may have to.”

What a guy.

How does the webmaster know the SEO won’t do that anyway? Isn’t
that exactly what some SEO conference speakers have been
telling other SEOs to do regardless of whether the webmaster
takes the link down or not?

So, for a webmaster caught in the cross-fire, there’s not much
incentive to remove links, especially if s/he’s read Matt’s

higherpurpose, nowhere in the original article did it say
that Google said the link was bad. This was a request from a
random site (we don’t know which one, since the post dropped
that detail), and the op can certainly ignore the link
removal request.

In some cases Google
does specify links:

We’ve reviewed the links to your site and we still believe
that some of them are outside our quality guidelines.

Sample URLs:

Please correct or remove all inorganic links, not limited to
the samples provided above. This may involve contacting
webmasters of the sites with the inorganic links on them.

And they make errors when they specify those links. They’ve

flagged DMOZ & other similar links: “Every time I
investigate these “unnatural link” claims, I find a comment by
a longtime member of MetaFilter in good standing trying to help
someone out, usually trying to identify something on Ask

Changing Behaviour

Then the webmaster starts thinking.

“Hmmm…maybe linking out will hurt me! Google might penalize
me or, even worse, I’ll get flooded with more and more “please
remove my link” spam in future.”

So what happens?

The webmaster becomes very wary about linking out. David Naylor
mentioned an increasing number of sites adopting a “no linking”
policy. Perhaps the webmaster no-follows everything as a
precaution. Far from being the life-giving veins of the web,
links are seen as potentially malignant. If all outbound links
are made no-follow, perhaps the chance of being banned and
flooded with “please remove my link”spam is reduced. Then
again, even nofollowed links are getting
removal requests.

As more webmasters start to see links as problematic, fewer
legitimate sites receive links. Meanwhile, the blackhat, who
sees their sites occasionally getting burned as a cost of doing
business, will likely see their site rise as they’ll be the
sites getting all the links, served up from their curated link

A commenter notes:

The Google webspam team seems to prefer psychology over
technology to solve the problem, especially recently. Nearly
everything that’s come out of Matt Cutt’s mouth in the last
18 months or so has been a scare tactic.
IMO all this does is further encourage the development of
“churn and burn” websites from blackhats who have being
penalized in their business plan. So why should I risk all
the time and effort it takes to generate quality web content
when it could all come crashing down because an imperfect and
overzealous algorithm thinks it’s spam? Or worse, some intern
or non-google employee doing a manual review wrongly decides
the site violates webmaster guidelines?

And what’s the point of providing great content when some
competitor can just take you out with a dedicated negative SEO
campaign, or if Google hits you with a false positive? If most
of your traffic comes from Google, then the risk of the web
publishing model increases.

Like MetaFilter:

Is Google broken? Or is your site broken? That’s the question
any webmaster asks when she sees her Google click-throughs
drop dramatically. It’s a question that Matt Haughey, founder
of legendary Internet forum MetaFilter, has been asking
himself for the last year and a half, as declining ad
revenues have forced the long-running site to lay off several
of its staff.

Then again, Google may just
not want what MetaFilter has to offer anymore.

(In)Unintended Consequences

Could this be uncompetitive practice from Google? Are the sites
getting hit with penalties predominantly commercial sites? It
would be interesting to see how many of them are
non-commercial. If so, is it a way to encourage commercial
sites to use Adwords as it becomes harder and harder to get a
link by organic means? If all it did was raise the cost of
doing SEO, it would still be doing its job.

I have no idea, but you could see why people might ask that

Let’s say it’s benevolent and Google is simply working towards
better results. The unintended consequence is that webmasters
will think twice about linking out. And if that happens, then
their linking behaviour will start to become more exclusive.
When links become harder to get and become more problematic,
then PPC and social-media is going to look that much more

Have an incredible day!


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Want To Implement Video Marketing Into Your Business Campaign

Want To Implement Video Marketing Into Your Business Campaign Continue Reading


Video marketing is a strategy that offers amazing potential for anyone interested in learning its ins and outs. The key, however, is a willingness to study the methods that have showed themselves to be successful for others as well as those that have been flops. Review the advice that follows, and you will be an expert on the subject in short order.

When you create a video for marketing purposes keep it under 2 minutes. You want your target audience to watch the whole message, and if it is too long you will potentially lose audiences as they click off. You can always continue a thought or message in a follow up video if needed.

Don’t be overly complicated in your videos. If you use a lot of technical terms and industry specific language, you are going to bore your viewers. Make your videos for the layperson. If technical language is required, make a second video to offer a deeper insight into the topic for the more advanced viewer.

If you are not really an expert on a topic, do not try to pretend. The best way to get around that is by interviewing people on video that are experts in your niche. A trade show or seminar is a great place to meet people that won’t mind doing a video.

In your video marketing, let the viewer know why it is that you offer the product or service that you do. They can easily see what you offer, but let them know the reason behind it. Open, authentic and candid communication engenders trust, which engages new audience and retains previous buyers.

If you have a team of employees, get them all involved in your video marketing efforts. Look for a person who is friendly, well-dressed, and comfortable being on film. Having a variety of people in your videos can make them more interesting.

The more videos that you make, the more viewers you will get. Just because one video does badly, doesn’t mean that they all will. Also by making videos on a regular basis, it will keep viewers interested and they will keep coming back to see what new content you have to offer.

Have an action for your viewers to take when they watch your video. This is known as the “call to action” in online marketing lingo. For instance, to get viewers to register for a mailing list, request that they click your link in the video’s description. To make this work efficiently, it has to be easy to do for the viewers.

Videos which are unpredictable work. If you can do something in your video which is surprising and yet not cheesy or lame, you’ll catch your viewer and they’ll share the video with family and friends. Go with cute, shocking or funny and avoid gory or juvenile humor as much as possible.

One of the most innovative, effective strategies for business growth around involves video marketing. The trick, however, is to dedicate yourself to learning everything you can about the topic prior to leaping in with both feet. With any luck, the information found above has given you precisely what you need to achieve success.

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