Top 10 Time Management Strategies for the Busy Internet Marketer

Top 10 Time Management Strategies for the Busy Internet Marketer


Hi everyone I hope you’re having a great Sunday. A wanted to talk about Internet Marketing and how your business is in a direct path with it.

A lot of business owners these days don’t even know that everything and I do mean everything is going online. So marketing on the Internet is not just for the people who think it’s cool. Internet Marketing is for absolutely everyone that wants to advertise their business. There used to be a big margin between advertising your business the traditional way IE TV commercials, newspapers, flyers and the classifieds. Online advertising is absolutely the wave of the future and there’s no getting around it it’s coming whether you’re ready are not.
So I decided to put out a few below points that may help you understand a little bit about how to prepare and understand advertising online. I hope this helps. 🙂
Time is an Internet Marketers biggest enemy. That’s why in this article I will give you 10 effective time management techniques to use in internet marketing and in your daily life.

1. Figure out How You Spend Your Time while doing Internet Marketing. Keeping a schedule is a helpful way to find out exactly how you are using your time on the Internet or with offline marketing. Record this information somewhere as it will help you identify the most time-consuming tasks in your operation and help you decide hot to invest your time in the tasks you have to carry out.

2. Start Setting some Priorities. To best manage your time you need to be able to differentiate from what is important, what is urgent and what can be done later. Make a “to do” list to prioritize you activities. When making the list really think about what is more important. For example sending a quick reply to a $1000 a month client is more important than playing clash of clans for an hour.

3. Use a Planning Tool. There are many tools that you can use to remind you things. Find something to record you daily activities in, if you have a computer of phone, you can get alerts and they are fantastic. They never fail.

4. Get Organized. Clean up you desk area or your office. You wont be able to work productively if your surroundings are muddled. Your environment affects your brain and if its unorganized you wont be able to work to your maximum potential.

5. Schedule Your Time Appropriately. Scheduling way more than recording what you have to do, it’s also committing to doing these things. You really need to know yourself for this to work.

6. Start Getting Help from Other Marketers. You can go on fiverr to buy all the help you need from talented marketers. These people are experts at what they do and you can also go on freelancing platforms like elance to get all the help you need. You can even hire a virtual assistant to do all the mundane and boring work. If you don’t have the money you can simply find another marketer to trade work with. My buddies and I help each other all the time, some guys help me do the SEO for their websites while I do the copyediting and article marketing for them. It’s beautiful how easy it is to find someone to partner with on a forum like warriorforum.

7. Stop Procrastinating. You’ve heard this a lot but its true and I had to include it in the list.

8. Manage External Time Wasters. Your time is negatively affected by external factors imposed like other people and things like games. Eliminate those things quickly

9. Avoid Multi-tasking. University studies of recent have shown that multi-tasking doesn’t save time at all. Surprisingly you waste 10% more time when you’re trying to do everything at once.

10. Stay Healthy. You’re health is the most important thing. Exercise regularly and eat well to stay at your best. If you have health problems and cant control it lots of time will wasted in the hospital or elsewhere.

OK these are a few of the things I think are important for basic advertising online.
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Free Or Not To Free? That Is The Answer!

All along I have said that in your business you want to provide to your customer a freebie. Something given to your customers for free in return for their business. People want free and they will do almost anything to receive free items. Are you giving away free items or services in your business? If you’re not after you watch this video you probably will. Every time I watch this it amazes me at the same time confirms what I already know. In business you really do need to give to get.

Have an incredible day!

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Manitou Springs Co – The Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast


The award-winning Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast has been part of historic Manitou Springs’ downtown since 1886, just 4 miles west of Colorado Springs. The prime location of our boutique bed and breakfast makes for easy walking to the variety of shops, restaurants and galleries on Manitou Avenue. Find out how we won our Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. Our beautiful spacious rooms are restored luxury and designed with the guest needs in mind. Everything is included: breakfast, free Wi-Fi, hot coffee or tea bar, free movies, snacks in your room, homemade cookies, computer & printer access, and complimentary afternoon wine or beer.


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Our Local Business Heros

Affordable DisposalPictured here is Arnold and Doug.


Arnold has been servicing our neighborhood for as long as I can remember. Arnold is a true example of customer service. He has integrity and he is well liked by my family. Affordable Disposal is a great company that’s been taken care of us since 2000. I can tell you that when it comes to selling the total package on old and Affordable Disposal needs no detailed sales pitch. Thank you for the great work that you’ve done for family and the work that you do in our town!

The Details And Delivery Of The Sale Is A Waist

Fancy the new GoPro Hero 3?

I got a little story a want to talk about and it involves sales methods and techniques.


You know all the details that go into the delivery of your service products. Now I know a lot of people out there might disagree however you must understand that the delivery in most cases is a waste of time if the package that you deliver does not have quality. First and foremost having the time to listen to your sales pitch is a luxury in itself, people in the sales business spends millions of man hours and dollars trying to devise the “perfect pitch”. I say deliver a quality product and the rest will take care of itself. Now when I mention the quality product I’m not just talking about the service or product that you provide because the quality piece is a two prong approach. The first part of the quality is you. Are you genuine, enthusiastic and personable. Does your brand ( your brand being you) speak of integrity? That is your quality number one. Your quality number two of course is your product or your service. If you’ve worked this hard to get somebody to buy your product or your service it doesn’t even matter if you’re not genuine and enthusiastic. Being a downer or flat will sustain your sales. Your product and service must have quality and must be of value to the consumer. I will give you an example, I just recently started getting the Wall Street Journal again. I have it delivered to my home at 6:00 AM I go out to my driveway and pick it up. I sit down with my cup of coffee and I read the paper pretty much all the way through. In my opinion this is one of the best newspapers for quality that I can receive. The other day I was looking for my paper out in the driveway and it hadn’t been delivered yet although I was about 15 minutes earlier than I normally would be. Then around the corner came this be up old car that looked like it’d been in a war. The pain on the car was chipping and there were dents all over. The tires look like they’re a falloff any minute. The point is I never cared how was delivered I only cared about the package I received. When I ordered the paper over the phone the lady was professional, she answered my questions and was knowledgeable about the paper. I had no problem purchasing from this person because she seemed knowledgeable and that knowledge had value to me. So you see to work and spend most of your time on the front and work in my opinion is ill-fated and this work should be put into your genuine quality and the quality of your service and product.

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How DARE Those EU Technocrats Censor Google

Growing Up vs Breaking Things

Facebook’s early motto was “move fast and break things,” but as
they wanted to become more of a platform play
they changed it to “move fast with stability.” Anything
which is central to the web needs significant stability, or it
destroys many other businesses as a side effect of its

As Google has become more dominant, they’ve moved in the
opposite direction. Disruption is promoted as a virtue unto
so long as it doesn’t adversely impact the home team’s business

There are a couple different ways to view big search algorithm
updates. Large, drastic updates implicitly state one of the

we were REALLY wrong yesterday

we are REALLY wrong today

Any change or disruption is easy to justify so
long as you are not the one facing the consequences:

“Smart people have a problem, especially (although not only)
when you put them in large groups. That problem is an ability
to convincingly rationalize nearly anything.” … “Impostor
Syndrome is that voice inside you saying that not everything
is as it seems, and it could all be lost in a moment.
The people with the problem are the people who can’t
hear that voice
.” – Googler Avery Pennarun

Monopoly Marketshare in a Flash

Make no mistake, large changes come with false positives and
false negatives. If a monopoly keeps buying marketshare, then
any mistakes they make have more extreme outcomes.

Here’s the Flash update screen (which hits almost every web
browser EXCEPT Google Chrome).

Notice the negative option installs for the Google Chrome web
browser and the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer.

Why doesn’t that same process hit Chrome? They not only pay
Adobe to use security updates to steal marketshare from other
browsers, but they also
pay Adobe to embed Flash inside Chrome, so Chrome users
never go through the bundleware update process.

Anytime anyone using a browser other than Chrome has a Flash
security update they need to opt out of the bundleware, or they
end up installing Google Chrome as their default web browser,
which is the primary reason Firefox marketshare
is in decline.

Google engineers
“research” new forms of Flash security issues to drive
critical security updates.

Obviously, users love it:

Has anyone noticed that the latest Flash update automatically
installs Google Toolbar and Google Chrome? What a horrible
business decision Adobe. Force installing software like you
are Napster. I would fire the product manager that made that
decision. As a CTO I will be informing my IT staff to set
Flash to ignore updates from this point forward. QA staff
cannot have additional items installed that are not part of
the base browser installation. Ridiculous that Adobe snuck
this crap in. All I can hope now is to find something that
challenges Photoshop so I can move my design team away from
Adobe software as well. Smart move trying to make pennies off
of your high dollar customers.

In Chrome Google is the default search engine. As it is in
Firefox and Opera and Safari and Android and iOS’s web search.

In other words, in most cases across most web interfaces you
have to explicitly change the default to not get Google. And
then even when you do that, you have to be vigilant in
protecting against the various Google bundleware bolted onto
core plugins for other web browsers, or else you still end up
in an ecosystem owned, controlled & tracked by Google.

Those “default” settings are not primarily driven by user
preferences, but by a flow of funds. A few hundred million
dollars here, a billion there, and the market is sewn up.

Google’s user tracking is so widespread & so sophisticated
that their ad cookies
were a primary tool for government surveillance efforts.

Locking Down The Ecosystem

And Chrome is easily the most locked down browser out there.

Whenever Google wants to promote something they have the
ability to bundle it into their web browser, operating system
& search results to try to force participation. In a fluid
system with finite attention, over-promoting one thing means
under-promoting or censoring other options. Google likes to
their cake & eat it too, but
the numbers don’t lie.

I am frustrated @JohnMu saying that it will
not cost CTR. Either Google lied about the increase in CTR
with photos, or they’re lying now.— Rand Fishkin (@randfish)
25, 2014

The Right to Be Forgotten

This brings us back to the current snafu with the “right to be
forgotten” in Europe.

Google notified publishers like the BBC &

The Guardian of their links being removed due to the EU
“right to be forgotten” law. Their goal was to
cause a public relations uproar over “censorship” which
seems to have been a bit
too transparent, causing them to
reverse some of the removals after they got caught with
their hand in the cookie jar.

The breadth of removals is
an ongoing topic of coverage. But if you
are Goldman Sachs instead of a government Google finds
filtering information for you far more reasonable.

Some have looked at the EU policy and compared it to state-run
censorship in China.

Google already hires over 10,000 remote quality raters to rate
search results. How exactly is receiving 70,000 requests a
monumental task? As their public relations propagandists paint
this as an unbelievable burden, they are also highlighting
their own internal policies destroy smaller businesses: “If
a multi-billion dollar corporation is struggling to cope with
70,000 censor requests, imagine how the small business owner
feels when he/she has to disavow thousands or tens of thousands
of links.”

The World’s Richest Librarian

Google aims to
promote themselves as a digital librarian: “It’s a bit like
saying the book can stay in the library, it just cannot be
included in the library’s card catalogue.”

That analogy is absurd on a number of levels. Which

Sorry About That Incidental Deletion From the Web…

David Drummond’s breathtaking propaganda makes it sound like
Google has virtually no history in censoring access to

In the past we’ve restricted the removals we make from search
to a very short list. It includes information deemed illegal
by a court, such as defamation, pirated content (once we’re
notified by the rights holder), malware, personal information
such as bank details, child sexual abuse imagery and other
things prohibited by local law (like material that glorifies
Nazism in Germany).

Yet Google sends out
hundreds of thousands of warning messages in webmaster
tools every single month.

Google is free to force whatever (often both arbitrary and life
altering) changes they desire onto the search ecosystem. But
the moment anyone else wants any level of discourse or debate
into the process, they feign outrage over the impacts on the
purity of their results.

Despite Google’s great power they do make mistakes. And when
they do, people lose their jobs.

Consider MetaFilter.

They were penalized November 17, 2012.

At a recent SMX conference Matt Cutts stated
MetaFilter was a false positive.

People noticed the Google update when it happened. It is hard
to miss an overnight 40% decline in your revenues. Yet when
they asked about it, Google did not confirm its existence. That
economic damage hit MetaFilter for nearly two years & they
only got a potential reprieve from after they fired multiple
employees and were able to generate publicity about what had

As SugarRae
mentioned, those false positives happen regularly, but most
the people who are hit by them lack political and media
influence, and are thus slaughtered with no chance of recovery.

MetaFilter is no different than tens of thousands of other
good, worthy small businesses who are also laying off
employees – some even closing their doors – as a result of
Google’s Panda filter serving as judge, jury and executioner.
They’ve been as blindly and unfairly cast away to an island
and no one can hear their pleas for help.

The only difference between MetaFilter and tons of other
small businesses on the web is that MetaFilter has friends in
higher places.

If you read past the headlines & the token slaps of big
brands, these false positive death sentences for small
businesses are a daily occurrence.

And such stories are understated for
fear of coverage creating a witch-hunt:

Conversations I’ve had with web publishers, none of whom
would speak on the record for fear of retribution from Cutts’
webspam team, speak to a litany of frustration at a lack of
transparency and potential bullying from Google. “The very
fact I’m not able to be candid, that’s a testament to the
grotesque power imbalance that’s developed,” the owner of one
widely read, critically acclaimed popular website told me
after their site ran afoul of Cutts’ last Panda update.

Not only does Google engage in anti-competitive censorship, but
they also frequently publish misinformation. Here’s a story
from a week ago of a
restaurant which went under after someone changed their
Google listing store hours to be closed on busy days. That
misinformation was embedded directly in the search results.
That business is no more.

Then there are
areas like locksmiths:

I am one of the few Real Locksmiths here in Denver and I have
been struggling with this for years now. I only get one or
two calls a day now thanks to spammers, and that’s not calls
I do, it’s calls for prices. For instance I just got a call
from a lady locked out of her apt. It is 1130 pm so I told
her 75 dollars, Nope she said someone told her 35
dollars….a fake locksmith no doubt. She didn’t understand
that they meant 35 dollars to come out and look at it. These
spammers charge hundreds to break your lock, they don’t know
how to pick a lock, then they charge you 10 times the price
of some cheap lock from a hardware store. I’m so lost, I need
help from google to remove those listings. Locksmithing is
all I have ever done and now I’m failing at it.

There are entire sectors of the offline economy being reshaped
by Google policies.

When those sectors get coverage, the blame always goes to the
individual business owner who was (somehow?) personally
responsible for Google’s behaviors, or perhaps some coverage of
the nefarious “spammers.”

Never does anybody ask if it is reasonable for Google to

place their own inaccurate $0 editorial front and center.
To even bring up that issue makes one an anti-capitalist nut or
someone who wishes to impede on free speech rights. This even
the process behind
the sausage comes to light.

And while Google arbitrarily polices others, their leaked
internal documents
contain juicy quotes about their ad policies like:

“We are the only player in our industry still accepting
these ads”

“We do not make these decisions based on revenue, but as
background, [redacted].”

“As with all of our policies, we do not verify what these
sites actually do, only what they claim to do.”

“I understand that we should not let other companies,
press, etc. influence our decision-making around policy”

Is This “Censorship” Problem New?

This problem of control to access of information is nothing new
– it is only more extreme today. Read the (rarely read)
to Animal Farm, or
consider this:

John Milton in his fiery 1644 defense of free speech,
Areopagitica, was writing not against the oppressive power of
the state but of the printers guilds. Darnton said the same
was true of John Locke’s writings about free speech. Locke’s
boogeyman wasn’t an oppressive government, but a monopolistic
commercial distribution system that was unfriendly to ways of
organizing information that didn’t fit into its business
model. Sound familiar?

When Google complains about censorship, they are not really
complaining about what may be, but what already is. Their only
problem is the idea that someone other than themselves
should have any input in the process.

“Policy is largely
set by economic elites and organized groups representing
business interests with little concern for public attitudes
or public safety, as long as the public remains passive and
obedient.” ― Noam Chomsky

Many people have come to the same conclusion

Turn on, tune in, drop out

“I think as technologists we should have some safe places where
we can try out some new things and figure out what is the
effect on society, what’s the effect on people, without having
to deploy kind of into the normal world. And people like those
kind of things can go there and experience that and we don’t
have mechanisms for that.” – Larry Page

I have no problem with an “opt-in” techno-utopia test in some
remote corner of the world, but if that’s the sort of operation
he wants to run, it would be appreciated if he stopped bundling
his software into billions of electronic devices & assumed
everyone else is fine with “opting out.”

Have an incredible day!


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Why Facebook Engagement Is So Important For Your Business!

Why Facebook Engagement Is So Important For Your Business!

Hello, Mike — I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.  Facebook engagement is so important to your business not to mention how many ways it can be financially beneficial to you.  Let’s not forgive at there is over 1.4 billion people on Facebook and still climbing.  Taking the time to spend driving people to your page is so important to your business.  When people see your page and you offer some great information they will come back for more, when they share your information then you just received free advertising to whoever they shared it with.  Let’s take this example I Post a picture on my page about my business that somebody likes there are two people who share it that day one person has 500 friends on their Facebook page I just received 500 posts for free!, Wait it gets better the second person has 5000 friends on their Facebook page and they shared that picture I just got my business picture shared with 5000 people for free.  There’s no flyer or business ad in the classifieds that even compare to that.  So engagement to your page is crucial and spending just a few minutes of time will make all the difference.  Watch this video in the first of several videos for my clients on Facebook on how to engage other people to share on your Facebook page.

Mike Deets - Living

Thanks and have an incredible day!

5 Best Search Engine Optimisation Online Forums For Daily Expertise Update

If you intend to take the largest revenue of your website, you will certainly have to utilize unique key phrases and entice additional prospects. If you always delay the SEO of your internet site, the competition will certainly take your location in Google and various other world-famous online search engine. Every web site owner need to recognize effectively the sort of Search Engine Optimisation- is it for image searches, regional searches or the so called upright search (It consists of the market specific engines).

This web page includes many egregious mistakes that any kind of scientist or individual knowledgeable with the company should have repaired. I very suggest removing this page, and not maintaining a Wikipedia entry on SEOmoz, yet if it must stay, happy note the following inaccuracies:.

Never use black hat SEO. This is a prohibited device for achieving harming of the experience for all users in the online search engine. Thats a training of strategy, famous and explained with the term of spamdexing. If your web site is stuffed with keyword phrases or the so called link farms, your viewers will not see it- don’t forget that your content, although located from the robotics of the online search engine, is constantly checked out by human beings!




A lot details below about Search Engine Optimisation I will have to digest everything in greater than one perspective. Will be returning to this hub typically, many thanks Writerfox for this excellent hub. Voted up and beneficial.


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Seoul organized the 1986 Asian Games, 1988 Summer Olympics, 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2010 G-20 Seoul top. A UNESCO City of Design, Seoul was called the 2010 World Style Capital.

Throughout the Korean War, Seoul altered hands between the Russian/Chinese-backed North Korean pressures and the American-backed South Oriental pressures many times, leaving the city greatly damaged after the war. The capital was temporarily moved to Busan. One quote of the comprehensive damage states that after the battle, a minimum of 191,000 buildings, 55,000 residences, and 1,000 manufacturing plants lay in ruins. In addition, a flood of evacuees had gotten in Seoul throughout the war, swelling the populace of the city and its metropolitan area to an approximated 5 million by 195

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A research study by Seoul National College asserted that poultries contaminated with the H5N1 virus, likewise called avian influenza, recuperated after eating meals consisting of the very same microorganisms found in kimchi. Nevertheless, the accuracy of these results has been doubted because of the quite small sample dimension of simply a handful of chickens and the fact that no subsequent research assisted the cases. During the 2003 SARS episode in Asia, lots of people also thought that kimchi could secure versus infection, although there was no scientific evidence to support this idea.


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Lotte Globe is a significant leisure complex that opened up in 1989 in midtown Seoul. It consists of the world’s largest indoor theme park, Indoor Journey, an exterior amusement park, Magic Island, a deluxe hotels and resort, the Korean Folk Gallery, mall, outlet store, sports centers, and a movie theater done in one place.

Summing up the above realities, it could be said that to get observed by the major online search engine, it’s essential to use the standard Search Engine Optimisation suggestions and techniques. The desired outcome will certainly rely on exactly how you will manage to make your website online search engine pleasant. Acquire found out about the various Search Engine Optimization news regularly and attempt to carry out in your very own website successfully which will most definitely prove benefit for your web site.

Well I think thats the power of SEOMoz they actively to actual screening with each Google update, they don’t do the Search Engine Optimisation for you – they really guide you on just what to do.




Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of impacting the exposure of an internet site or a web page in a search engine’s “all-natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search engine result. In general, the earlier (or higher placed on the search engine result page), and a lot more often a site appears in the search results page list, the additional visitors it will certainly receive from the search engine’s customers. Search Engine Optimisation might target various kinds of search, including photo search, regional search, video clip search, academic search, information search and industry-specific upright search engines.


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