Deetslist Interview Series

These video are various interviews we conduct with local businesses in their home town.

We conduct these videos on Google Hangout Air”

This gives great exposure to the local business and the town itself!


Deetslist’s founder and CEO Mike Deets will be conducting interviews with local businesses on google hangout air. These interviews will be focusing on small business owners in local towns. We’ll discuss several aspects of their business throughout the interview. This is great publicity for the business and is highly recommended. Small businesses need as much help as they can when it comes to marketing online. This is a great way for businesses to get acclimated With google hangout and online interviewing. These interviews will be conducted in pueblo Colorado as well as in neighboring Colorado Springs Colorado. Deetslist is a company that helps businesses advertise online through Social Media and SEO along with video and email marketing. If you’re a business owner in the United States and are interested in and interview with Deetslist please contact Mike Deets at


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