Deetslist SEO Packages

Deetslist SEO Packages

Welcome to our SEO packages.

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As a business owner you shouldn’t be bothered with all the technical jargon that goes along with advertising your business online. As a business owner your only concern is that you have customers on a consistent basis. Getting your business on the first page of Google is our priority. We want you to know that we have you covered. Our business knowledge combined with our online technical knowledge will get your business ranked fast online. We take great pride in helping your business get the traffic that it deserves.

The packages below have been researched to be the most effective online to get your business ranked fast!

Social Media

Your social media platform is extremely important as it is the base of all communication for your business. All blog posts and information that you share about your business should be shared in all of your social media. This includes all of your web 2.0 and videos, forums etc. Linking your social media platforms together correctly is the key to your ranking success.


Creating videos these days is not just for entertainment it’s for education. Your videos should be a portal for people to come to your website with a better understanding of your product or service. Video is one of the most powerful mediums in online marketing for your business today. Make no mistake about it every business should have videos that represent their product and service.


On page SEO is very much like working out. This is the physical training part of search engine optimization. Howell healthy your website is will determine on how strong of a magnet it is to pull in potential clients and or customers. The measurement of the strength of your website is completely related to the amount of organic traffic you receive. This is the first half of step three.


Building quality content in backlinks to your website is part two of step three. Building quality content should never be underestimated a specially with the new google algorithm “Hummingbird”. Never before has google taken such a hard stance in assuring that quality content is being produced on the Internet. Our part is to make sure that our clients you get pure quality content and high PR backlinks to assure the success of your online campaign.



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