Done For You Social Media Package!

Done For You Social Media Package!

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now makes it easier than ever to get your business thriving online!


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We’ve come up with a very unique system that works together to create a powerful social link that leads all back to your business website.


 We start we Facebook, Twitter & Google plus.

We set these pages up for your business and link them together.

This means that your Facebook, Twitter in Google plus pages look professional and powerful!



Watch this video to see how it works!

We build a powerful directory listing for your business!


Our directory listing is not some simple form with your business information like in the Yellow Pages!

The Deetslist directory listing is all HTML driven.

It’s a powerful tool that acts as a complete one-page website!


Watch this video to see how it works!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX




We create a powerful video for your business.

The video was created in a manner that has indicted keywords within all images and streaming video.

This means complete SEO is built-in which makes it easy for Google to find and rank.

Many of our business videos for our clients rank faster than their websites!

That’s great because the link under your video leads customers right back to your website which of course means more profits for your business!


Watch this video to see how it works!



Deetslist will also create a mobile website for your business.

This mobile website makes it easy for people to navigate through your website when searching on their phone. These days all mobile searches result in sales 70% of the time when finding what they need as a result of your online advertising.

The days of using the yellow pages are over businesses and products are found online mainly from searching on their smartphones.

This is just another piece of this power pact social media premium package.


This is what people have to say about Deetslist.








The proof’s in the pudding check out these rankings of our clients!
Simplicity Is The Formula!

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The fact of the matter is that business owners simply do not have time to try to figure out how social media works much less how to manipulate it so they can drive traffic to the front door.

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Deetslist understands this and through video tutorials, online webinars and face-to-face seminars we have educated business owners so they understand how social media works for them. Also with our easy system that allows business owners to help themselves so the can drive traffic to their own businesses.

Deetslist believes that education to the small business owner is imperative to the strength of our economy.

We make it a goal to help the small business owners understand the basic principles behind social media.

Here is everything you get when you partner with Deetslist.

check_sign_icon_greenA Business Facebook Page ($300 value)


check_sign_icon_greenA Business Twitter Page ($300 value)

check_sign_icon_greenA Business Google + Page ($300 value)

check_sign_icon_greenPromo Video ($395 value)

check_sign_icon_greenMobile Website ($495 value)

check_sign_icon_greenDirectory Listing ($495 value)

Total value $2285!

The value of what you get when you partner with Deetslist is exponential.

We take pride in helping our clients not only by getting them more customers but helping them thrive online and understanding the process.

When you become a Deetslist client you not only get the products above but you get tons of extras and tools through our webinars, seminars and newsletters.

Don’t wait another minute!

Stop paying for useless paper ads in traditional advertising.

Get your business off to a blazing start

and get a worry-free, no brainer all done for you

complete package that rocks the socks off your competition.


But wait

we have more for you!

We have some amazing bonuses!

Check these out…….

Manual Backlinking ( $1400 Value)

Manual Backlinking – first bonus is our powerful Manula Backlinking which creates powerful links JUICE to your website. Our software sets links in all the social media platforms, article registries, press release sites, mobile 2.0 sites, RSS feeds, forums and more! Creating thousands of backlinks that are so powerful that it ranks your website to the top of google quickly! This is normally a $1400 value




50 Citations manually configiured. ($350 value)

50 citations manually configured these citations are essential to getting presence for your local business online. Each citation is your business information which includes business name, address, phone number and e-mail. This information will be manually created in 50 different directories that will help your business explode locally! This is a $350 value

These bonuses add up to $1750 all yours free when partnering with Deetslist!




Come on! You’re done worrying about how to use social media.

Done worrying about all the countless hours and money it will take you to

do it yourself through confusing manuals and  videos tutorials.


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This package is a done for you product that is leaps and bounds above your competitors

and will shoot your business to the top of google getting your business tons of traffic!



Don’t wait any longer

click the button below and get started right away!


This is a $3,835 advertising package!

But you won’t pay that!

NOT $3,000



NOT $2,500



NOT $2,000







Okay so you say “Where did Deetslist come from and who are they?

Ask and you will receive!

deetslist_how it started

Wanna know more about Mike?


My Family

My Family

 Mike’s Family

( With Mike is Paula, Lauren and Jordan)


About Mike Deets

“My life has been amazing. Not in the “fantastic” sense but in the way that I look back and say to myself God was and is always with me. I am truly blessed. I am humbled everyday by the people I meet. People with so much passion for life. People amaze me all the time. I want to help whenever I can and be the absolute best person first to God, to myself, to my family , to my friends and to people I meet…In that EXACT order. I worked hard growing up. I knew that I always wanted to be the best…Not the best I could be,..Just the best! Being the best I could be was a lesson that I would learn later in life.

I got married to my wife and best friend Paula and am still married for 21 years. I have two daughters, Jordan 21 and Lauren, 16. We have a mini zoo, four dogs, Molly and Lucy our Pugs, Jackson our Lab-golden mix and Mia our shih tzu. She is the littlest but she is the Queen! We also have two cats. Oliver and Rory.

I travel with my company Deetslist. I love the interaction.

People that I meet have such amazing stories. I love meeting people and learning from them. I love to help people achieve their dreams and reach goals higher and more grand than they ever thought possible. I absolutely love when I see the look in their eyes when “They Get It”!!

This is when the magic happens! People have so much power in them! All they have to do is:

#1 Believe in themselves.

#2 In vision a plan and or a goal.

#3 Create a strategy for that goal.

#4 Take action

#5 See yourself accomplishing the goal in your mind everyday until you reach it.

THAT’S IT! You have the power…You truly have the power.”

– Mike Deets

Okay so what kind of person is Mike? Where is the  integrity?

This is what more  people say

Deetslist and Mike Deets…


deetslist testmonials



mike deets_testimonials



So I ask you when you advertise your business online

shouldn’t be with a

Company that cares and will get results for your business?


Remember all you get here!!:



A Business Facebook Page  ($300 value)

A Business Twitter Page  ($300 value)

A Business Google + Page  ($300 value)

Promo Video ($395 value)

Mobile Website ($495 value)

Directory Listing ($495 value)

Manual Backlinking ($1400 value)

Monthly updates ( $195 value )

50 Citations manually config. ($350 value)


Don’t wait another second!


Deetslist begging

Your business is begging you to do




download (1)

* If you don’t see improvement in your rankings or feel in anyway you’re not happy

with your advertising I will DOUBLE your money back!!



You have my personal word. Your quality is guaranteed

Mike Deets



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Our Monthly Plans are:

Three Plans, Basic-$150 mo , Pro-$275 mo , Dominate – $450 mo

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