Explainer Video – What Is It And Why Your Business Needs It!

Explainer Video – What Is It And Why Your Business Needs It!

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Here it Deetslist

creating exciting eye-catching videos is the cornerstone of what we do. Getting a video for your business is crucial to the success of your lead generation online. Without a business video you virtually are in the back seat to all businesses that you compete with that has video.

Since 2005 video has absolutely exploded and today 85% of people who sees your service or product in a video will purchase from you. 60% of all the top marketers that work for top corporations say that video helps their conversions and sales. Just using the word video in any emails sent to potential clients or customers raises the click-through rate 13%.

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The top 100 world Brands

have invested over $4.3 billion in their YouTube videos. 61 of the hundreds Brands have imbedded there explainer videos in their websites. 10 seconds. This is how long you’ve got to get people’s attention 20% of the viewers will click away now. 30 seconds by this 0.33% have gone followed by 45% in 1 minute in 60% by 2 minutes increasingly these figures are the same regardless of video length.

You see explainer videos or videos of any type that helps promote your servicer product is essential in today’s world. Here in Deetslist not only do we produced top quality videos but we embed them with SEO rich keywords that blast them to the page and rank them quickly. When your video gets noticed whether it’s on you two or on your website you make money.

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Our prices are reasonable

and our product quality is the best. What sets this apart from most video producers online now is our accessibility and customer service. We don’t have you fill out a form just to contact us anytime you have a question as a client you may call us anytime and we will answer. You get to talk to a real human in the United States. However Deetslist is in over 17 countries and is able to effectively offer amazing customer service to everyone.

Get your Deetslist explainer video today! There is no reason to wait you will be extremely excited when you see you’re finished video on your website or YouTube channel. Please take a look at the samples below and contact us through the form or call us at our 800 number.

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Fill out the form now!

Please go to the right and fill out the form and we will contact you immediately to get your business video started. Don’t wait another day to get your business the traffic that it deserves. These videos will substantially help your business.

If you prefer to call us you may reach us



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