Step 1 – Setup Social Media

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Please Watch This Video To Begin


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Welcome to the social media set up page. Here is where you will start to build the base of your online marketing strength. Social media is stronger than ever, this combination of social media that Deetslist has determined is the best to build your online presence. Your choices for your social media are below. If you already have a Facebook then we will build you a YouTube channel. If you do not have a Facebook you will automatically receive the major trio. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You may add text are platforms such as a YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram etc. For an extra $50.00 per platform. Please check off the platforms you prefer and pay below. You will be directly taken to the SEO package page where your business will explode. Go below now and pick your social media and click that a button.

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Watch This Video


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Only  $580


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