Internet site Terms and Arrangements

Internet site Terms and Arrangements


Web Site Layout Job Contract.
Website-Facebook Promotion

Client Information: Manhattan Pizza– Pueblo, Colorado.
Bob Carruth

1. Permission.
The above-named Client (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) is appealing Deetslist LLC Internet Design as an independent service provider for the certain function of creating a Web website, herein after described as “Web Design Task”, to be posted on the Deetslist LLC account on an Access provider (ISP)/ Internet Presence Carrier (WPP) computer, herein after describe as “Hosting Solution”, or offered on diskette at the Customer’s option. The Customer hereby understands Deetslist LLC Web Style to hold this account for a cost of $5 per month, and accredits the Hosting Solution to be given by Deetslist LLC Internet Style and its developers, with “full access” available to the Customer, and any other programs required for this Web Design Task that are consisted of as one element of the Customer’s service agreement/level. The Customer also authorizes Deetslist LLC Internet Layout to submit the completed Web Layout Task to major Internet Search Engines.

2. Development.
This Web Style Job will be developed making use of WordPress.Org.

  • Compatibility– Creating a web site to completely operate in a number of internet browsers (and browser variations) could need significant, additional initiative. It might additionally involve producing numerous variations of code/pages. Deetslist LLC Internet Design represents and warrants that the web site we design for you will work in:.
    • Microsoft ® Web Explorer models 7 and up
    • Netscape Navigator/Communicator model 4 and up
    • Mozilla Firefox model 1.0 and up
    • Google Chrome 31.0.1650.48 and up

While Deetslist LLC Web Design will make practical efforts to develop a fully-functional website, Deetslist LLC. Internet Layout’s service warranty does not cover AOL, text-based browsers or asked for special impacts that we have encouraged you versus.

3. Project of Web Style Job.
Deetslist LLC Web Layout books the right, and you hereby agree, to assign subcontractors to this Web Style Project to insure that the regards to this agreement are satisfied and also on-time completion.

4. Copyrights and Trademarks.
The Client unconditionally assures that any elements of content, graphics, photos, layouts, hallmarks, or other art work provided to Deetslist LLC Internet Style for introduction in the Web Design Project are owned by the Client, or that the Customer has consent from the rightful proprietor to use each of these aspects, and will certainly hold safe, shield, indemnify and safeguard Deetslist LLC Internet Style and its subcontractors from any sort of obligation (consisting of legal representative’s fees and court prices), featuring any case or meet, endangered or real, developing from the use of such components provided by the Customer.

5. Web Site Upkeep.
This agreement enables small web site maintenance to pages for the life time of your internet site at no fee, approximately around one half hour per normal web page, consisting of upgrading links and making small modifications to a sentence or paragraph. It does not feature major page reconstruction, brand-new pages, guestbook, discussion webs, gps structure changes, attempted updates by Customer repair works or Web Design Projects delivered to Client by means of diskette, UNITED STATE mail and email. The duration begins on the date the Customer’s website is posted to Deetslist LLC hosting solution. Major web page code and/or graphics modifications and additions will certainly be charged at the $30.00 each hour price. (Notice: This price undergoes change whenever.) Continual upkeep will be billed when $250 has been gotten to, or in 30 day increments, whichever comes first. All payments, despite period, must be made within 30 days.

6. Completion Date.
Deetslist LLC Internet Layout and the Customer should interact to complete the Internet Layout Job in a prompt fashion. W.e agree to work expeditiously to complete the Web Design Project no later than 30 days after Client has submitted all necessary materials. If the Client does not supply Deetslist LLC  Web Design with complete text and graphics content for this Web Design Project within 45 days of the effective date of this agreement, the entire deposit amount of the agreement shall be retained by Deetslist LLC  Web Design as liquidated damages and the contract shall become null and void, at Deetslist LLC  Web Design’ option, unless the Web Design Project is canceled in writing by the Client prior to 45 days of the effective date of the agreement.

7. Project Delivery.
The final web site design project will be published to the Client’s hosting service upon receipt of final payment or delivered via diskette upon the receipt of full payment. The Client understands that Deetslist LLC Web Design does not provide any hosting services in connection with this Web Design Project. Hosting services require a separate contract with the hosting service of the Client’s choice. The Client agrees to select a hosting service which allows Deetslist LLC Web Design full access to the Client’s account via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The Client will be solely responsible for any and all hosting service charges.

8. Electronic Commerce Laws.
The Client agrees that the Client is solely responsible for complying with any laws, taxes, and tariffs applicable in any way to the Web Design Project or any other services contemplated herein, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Deetslist LLC and Deetslist LLC Web Design and its subcontractors from any claim, suit, penalty, tax, fine, penalty, or tariff arising from the Client’s exercise of Internet electronic commerce and/or any failure to comply with any such laws, taxes, and tariffs.

9. Web Design Project Copyright.
Copyright to the finished web design site produced by Deetslist LLC Web Design will be owned by Deetslist LLC Web Design. The Client will be assigned rights to use the Web Design Project as a web site, once final payment under this agreement and any additional charges incurred have been paid. Rights to photos, graphics, source code, work-up files, and computer programs specifically are not transferred to the Client, and remain the property of their respective owners Deetslist LLC Web Design and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics and other Web Design elements as examples of their work in their respective portfolios. All Web Design Projects will contain a copyright/legal statement with a link to Deetslist LLC Web Design’ Design Services Web Site.

10. Payments.
Payments must be made promptly based on the terms of this Web Site Design Project Deetslist LLC Web Design reserves the right to remove any Web Design Project from viewing on the Internet until final payment is made. All payments are to be made within 30 days after completion and approval of the Web Design Project by the Client. In case collection proves necessary, the Client agrees to pay all fees (including all attorney’s fees and court costs) incurred by that process. This agreement becomes effective only when signed by Deetslist LLC Web Design. Regardless of the place of signing of this agreement, the Client agrees that for purposes of venue, this agreement was entered into Pueblo County Courts. Furthermore, the Client waives any right to or claim of sovereign immunity. Adding of Meta Tags (Description and Keywords) and the submission of the Web Design Project to Web search engines and updating occur only after the full final payment is made. All payments will be made in U.S. Dollars.

11. Payment Schedule.
Payment for services provided hereby shall be made in accordance with the conditions contained in this contract and the Package Price, attached hereto and made a part of this agreement hereof. Notwithstanding any prices listed in literature or on Web pages, the Client and Deetslist LLC Web Design agree that the services described in this contract, and the Package Price, shall be completed for $_599_. The Client agrees to pay to Deetslist LLC Web Design an initial, non-refundable deposit of $_330_ (normally, 50% plus $60 of the estimated total cost) upon execution of this agreement. Final payment is due within 30 days prior to publication and/or delivery of the Web Site Design Project. All amounts must be in U.S. Dollars.

12. Legal Notice.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this contract, neither Deetslist LLC Web Design nor any of its employees or agents, warrants that the functions contained in the Web Design Project will be uninterrupted or error-free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Web Design Project is with the Client. In no event will Deetslist LLC  Web Design be liable to the Client or any third party for any damages, including, but not limited to, service interruptions caused by Acts of God, the Hosting Service or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate this Web Design Project, failure of any service provider, of any telecommunications carrier, of the Internet backbone, of any Internet servers, your or your site visitor’s computer or Internet software, even if Deetslist LLC  Web Design has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

13. This Agreement.
This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between Deetslist LLC Web Design and the Client regarding this Web Design Project. Any additional work not specified in this contract or any other amendment or modification to this contract must be authorized by a written request signed by both Client and Deetslist LLC Web Design. All prices specified in this contract will be honored for 6 months after both parties sign this contract. Continued services after that time will require a new

The undersigned hereby agree to the terms, conditions and stipulations of this agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business.

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. Any changes or modifications thereto must be in writing and signed by both parties.

  • Facebook – Page maintenance. $60 per month
    • The Facebook Fan page will be managed and maintained as in this agreement up to and including all promotional aspects as marketing of the business. The client agrees to make Deetslist LLC to act as “manager” of the site.
    • Services include, Communications as to the make-up and expectations as far as “look and feel” of the page.
    • No less than 1 post per day.
    • Run 1 contest or promo per calendar quarter. ( every three months )
    • Run PPC Ads ( at expense of client )
    • Increase “likes by 15% every month ( minimal )


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