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How it started...

Deets!ist is originally the brainchild of Mike Deets, a successful businessman who had long been fascinated with web technology and how it can drive business. After tinkering and researching for a long time and making conversation with a lot of folks along the way, he met business owners everywhere who were crying out for help.

It became clear that learning how to use the Internet to drive business has appeared as one of the great needs of our day. But great businesses have something to offer because they are busy making quality products and services rather than learning all the ins-and-outs of how Internet search engines work and the best ways to use social media, etc. That takes time. It can be complicated. But to stay competitive and successful today, it is essential.

So then...

Mike struck up a conversation with two other successful, technology-oriented business guys; Derek and Chris. Each of them had diverse technology and marketing backgrounds and had come to the same realization of what every businesses needs to make utilizing the Internet simple. Together they wanted do something about it. By mixing a love of helping other people succeed with a serious passion about current technology trends, Deets!ist was born.

Why its different...

Deets!ist isn't just another marketing pitch or service bundler. We want to help everyone do this right. Deets!ist is a one-stop, complete and permanent solution for any business looking to use the Internet to grow their business. Helping you grow your business online is our business. We are here to make it easy. In fact, it's a lot of fun!

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